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The Roxtar one-day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt program provides an application-based understanding of various philosophies, methodologies, and tools in the Lean Six Sigma system. These include core problem solving and project management frameworks that improve performance, including hands-on simulations and exercises. The learning experience is extremely interactive and tailored to the needs of the participants. The instructors have a wide breadth of experience and can produce examples from practically every organization type (commercial (manufacturing and service), government and military, non-profit, etc.) and the entire spectrum of functional areas (IT, HR, R&D,

finance, engineering, sales, contracting, etc.).  We will cover academic material so students understand the foundational theories, but this is coupled with practical applications to solidify a firm understanding of the value these methodologies offer. The simulations we utilize are energizing and challenging – and some can be quite competitive, so bring your A-game. Our courses are designed to be mentorship sessions, opportunities for students to spend time with a proven, seasoned expert. It’s a time for questions and answers, a real conversation focused on improving your skillset and your organization.



  1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

  2. Lean Six Sigma Roles

  3. DMAIC Method

  4. Six Sigma Basics

  5. Defining Value

  6. The Eight Deadly Wastes

  7. Root Cause Analysis

  8. Product Flow and Work Cells

  9. Visual Tools

  10. 5S Workplace Organization

  11. Process Lead Time and Pull

  12. Bottlenecks and Capacity

  13. Lean Six Sigma Deployment

  14. Wrap-Up

"Love the exercises and real world examples. Great energy."

"I am excited to implement the methods I learned today."

"Very eye opening"

"The course created many ideas on how to handle admin/production issues within our organization."

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