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Are your projects being completed as you expected?

Are your projects costing too much?

Are your projects taking too long or simply dying on the vine?

Are your projects under-delivering the projected or anticipated benefits?


If you answered “YES” to any or all of the questions above, its time to make a positive change.


Get your project portfolio back on track and accelerate the benefits!

Roxtar now offers focused, interim project completion support services to solve your project management challenges.


End-to-end Expert Program and Project Support Bundles begin at only $7,500.


  • Improve the potency and focus of your project portfolio

  • Reduce the time to complete important projects

  • Reduce the risk of project failure or abandonment (improve your project completion success rate)

  • Increase the fiscal and operational value delivered by your projects

  • Reduce the internal costs of your projects

  • Reduce the number of meetings for each project

  • Improve organizational learning and knowledge retention

  • Reduce confusion and project completion delays


Projects are the driving force supporting meaningful improvements. Demonstrating effective project management, robust portfolio oversight, and expert third party validation will add improved performance of and significant credibility to your organization.


Traditional project management consulting support can be nebulous and uncertain. When will the project be completed? Will we achieve the desired benefits? How much will the project cost? Utilizing the expertise provided by our team of seasoned program, project, and process professionals will add clarity and quantifiable evidence that your programs and your projects are on track and delivering results to plan at a fraction of the cost.


For a single fixed-fee, our experts will:

  1. Review your existing and/or planned project portfolio(s), review any project work performed and progress achieved, target improvement opportunities (e.g., increased project benefits (cost reductions or revenue generation), project timeline reduction, project execution cost reductions, material cost reductions, etc.)

  2. Meet with the leadership team and each project team to recommend/discuss improvement opportunities at the project and program levels

  3. Perform documented tollgate reviews utilizing your project guidelines for each project phase (and/or recommend best practice guidelines for your enterprise)

  4. Coach the leadership and each project team through all progressive project phases and associated leadership tollgate sessions

  5. Teach critical technical concepts and techniques

  6. Provide ad hoc coaching for  project teams on request

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