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Roxtar’s Seven-Day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification program is a comprehensive offering where students learn to solve process problems and lead teams. The material has been developed by recognized experts to provide students with an immersive experience through concentrated content delivery and simulation exercises that provides candidates the opportunity to quickly earn Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

This hands-on, interactive training and certification course provides an enhanced practitioner’s comprehension of the philosophies, methodologies, and tools in the Lean Six Sigma system including core problem solving and project management frameworks that improve performance. Statistical concepts and process analyses techniques are explored along with best-practice facilitation and change management methods.

Following the disciplined Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) roadmap, this course teaches students how to collect and analyze performance data, identify inefficiencies and problems, isolate root causes, test potential solutions, and implement sustainable improvements. In addition, this course also provides techniques and skills in leading teams through the changes. This course is tailored with applicable real-world and theoretical case studies and examples to stimulate creative thinking and analogous solution generation.

At the completion of this program, certified students should be able to

  1. Attain and sustain high-impact, measurable improvements in cost, revenue (or budget), quality, and speed

  2. Understand and apply the scientific method under enterprise and local conditions

  3. Define, assess, target, and reduce waste and variation in systems and processes

  4. Analyze data, information, operations, and effects from different organizations, functional areas, or processes

  5. Apply methods, concepts, and tools across existing and new programs and projects

  6. Prepare and deliver project reports and visual presentations


Students are required to adhere to the following policies and procedures.

  • Courtesy is expected of all students

  • Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions and activities

  • You are expected to attend EVERY class

    • Any unexcused absence will result in failed certification

  • Students must come to class with the assigned reading and/or homework completed

    • Late assignments, projects, etc. will not be accepted

    • Makeup work will not be offered

Classroom Activities and Exercises

Students must completely participate in all virtual or onsite classroom activities and exercises (lectures, participation, group discussions, individual presentations, knowledge checks, readings, simulations, tollgate reviews, and homework assignments).

  • If the student does not understand something, any element, tool, theory, concept, etc. included in this training, it is the student's responsibility to ask questions and seek clarification



Students must successfully complete and pass all DMAIC project phase post‐quizzes.

  • This requires a minimum median score (across five post‐quizzes) of 80%

Homework Assignments

Students must successfully complete all homework assignments.

  • This includes reading assignments and written assignments

  • The minimum mean score (across all assignments) must be 80% or higher

    • Assignments 1, 2, 3, and 4: Due Day Five

    • Assignments 5 and 6: Due Day 10

    • Assignments 7 and 8: Due Day 15

    • Assignments 9 and 10: Due Day 20

    • Assignment 11: Due Day 25

Certification Exam

Students must successfully complete and pass the certification exam.

  • 110 multiple choice (110 total points available)

  • 1 essay (40 total points available)

  • Minimum score for certification (pass): 80%

Note: at the Roxtar Consulting instructor’s discretion, and an additional fee of $150, a candidate who fails the exam may be permitted to re‐take the exam once within one calendar week of taking the initial certification exam.

Certification Project

Students must successfully complete an instructor‐approved real‐world, practical project no later than four (4) months following the completion of the course.

  • In order to successfully complete the project, the candidate must

    • Correctly complete all required actions and documentation for each of the five required DMAIC stages (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) – this requires the application of each of the tools prescribed by the instructor per stage

    • Correctly complete tollgate meetings with the project Sponsor and the Roxtar instructor (optional – hourly rates apply) for each of the five required DMAIC stages

    • Deliver a holistic, summary project presentation including key actions, results, and lessons learned

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