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Your assets require careful and deliberate management to maintain consistent and optimal Return on Investment. Every dollar counts, and increased profitability builds confidence for the investment group, internally and externally. We have extensive experience working with companies ranging from $4M to over $32B in a variety of industries around the world. Our experts rapidly assess each scenario, generate prioritized actions in a holistic project plan, and lead the improvement process. Because our consultants possess profound professional experience, we are also available for and regularly retained in interim management positions across the C-suite to further institutionalize the business transformation culture and associated initiatives.

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Support

Roxtar Consulting understands the M&A environment, lifecycle, and strategies, and we know how to navigate the headwinds, minimize the complexities, and quickly implement lasting, value-generating solutions. We work with you to craft and execute the best strategy to maximize your returns from start to finish or at any distinct point along the way. Just as companies vary in size, complexity, strategy, and culture, we know that no two M&A endeavors are exactly the same. Roxtar tailors M&A support services and deliverables to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Due Diligence Assessments

You’re planning to purchase or merge with another business. It seems like a good investment, but you need to know more. Are fiscal projections realistic and reliable? Are operations standardized and efficient? Is the property adequate? Are there any legal issues? Are all assets valued fairly? Is the IT infrastructure sufficient?  Are there any lurking liabilities? We are here to help. Roxtar Consulting has conducted due diligence assessments across varied industries from the east coast to islands in Alaska, for purposes ranging from merger and acquisition to consolidation. Our panel of functional experts utilize a repeatable, scientific system to investigate, assess, and report meaningful, decision-support information quickly and precisely. We will provide you with verified confidence and certainty, the answers you need to make the call.

Turnarounds & Workouts

Distressed, troubled, or under-performing companies face a myriad of challenges and risks. We bring unmatched, seasoned industry expertise coupled with an extensive track record in fiscal and operational improvement services to enable our clients to not only survive, but to thrive. Our subject matter experts integrate seamlessly with your leadership and within your work teams to assess and diagnose performance health, design and engage short- and long-term strategies, and implement robust, sustainable solutions at a pace that exploits customer demand - faster and with fewer errors.

Interim & Crisis Management

We provide interim and crisis management services for our clients, serving in C-level and senior leadership positions to generate operational and financial benefits during transitionary, high-risk, and critical times.  Our experts leverage significant leadership and management experience from across the globe to provide stability and certainty in the chaos, and establish sustainable systems to continue and build on gains moving forward.
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