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The challenges many organizations face are systemic, rooted in how they provide value to their customers through internal physical and transactional processes.  To achieve operational excellence, Roxtar has proven solutions to help you exploit demand, increase your profitability and market share, escalate your sales, bolster customer loyalty, accelerate value, and leave the competition in the dust. We target and improve your core business drivers by providing:​

Strategic Planning & Deployment

We work with companies across every industry to develop dynamic strategies that engage all members, at all levels, at every phase and deliver significant operational and financial results. The Roxtar approach applies best-in-class change management methods and tools to improve adoption rates, accelerate integration, and achieve your desired outcomes. We will work with you to deliver proven strategic frameworks (such as Balanced Scorecard and Hoshin Kanri) in a seamless, expedient, and effective manner. Our design, facilitation, automation, and deployment expertise will provide your organization with sustainable innovation and competitive advantage, an executable strategic system for a better tomorrow.

Continuous Process Improvement

We maintain industry-leading expertise in a diverse set of process improvement methods including Lean (with Kaizen and Kaikaku), Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Process Reengineering, and several others. With specific tools and techniques focused on speed, quality, efficiency, and sustainability, our consultants have applied these approaches to generate billions of dollars in benefits for clients around the world in manufacturing, service, and administrative environments.

Rapid Improvement Events

Our tailored, accelerated performance improvement approach optimizes the efficiency, expediency, and efficacy of your value chain by reducing variation and removing chronic waste and non-value added activities from your processes. This sustainable method delivers significant Return-on-Investment to your organization and substantial value enhancement for your customers with solutions that require little-to-no capital expenditures and reduced implementation timelines.

Data & Information Applications

We are in a world of Big Data, and it’s getting bigger with each passing moment. This information is internal and external to your organization, and can be leveraged to improve your decision-making and competitive drivers. Roxtar has Data Scientists with recognized expertise in data and database management, data warehousing, data integration, data mining, data analysis, machine learning, and dynamic, interactive information visualization and communication. Whether you have little or "no" data, files full of spreadsheets, or a system of interrelated clusters, we can help. We deliver capabilities that facilitate data-driven decisions, enable compliance, accelerate risk response and reduction, and improve performance metrics – an overarching definitive competitive edge for your organization.

Quality Management Systems

Responsibility for the quality of products or services in any organization cannot be owned by a single department, and much less by an individual. This is an enterprise responsibility, and every member of the team must be an effective player within a unifying system. Enter Quality Management Systems. Quality Management Systems involve everyone, and include control, assurance, training, engineering, audits, inspection, design, and more. Roxtar professionals hold globally-recognized quality certifications as Managers of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Quality Engineers, and Quality Auditors, and are well-versed and experienced in the application of most popular standards, including ISO 9001 and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. We know how to build Quality Management Systems that will enable you to reach your goals, and have the track record to prove it. Our hands-on, integrated approach includes assessment, verification, design, test, deployment, automation, and documentation, and can be tailored to meet you where you are today.

Audits & Assessments

It’s hard not to be partial when it’s your organization. That’s why Roxtar provides unbiased, objective third-party audits and assessments that reveal the true current state of your strategy, operations, programs, projects, people, products, and/or services, where and what potential issues or hazards exist, the root causes at the source of it all, and an efficient, expedient, and effective roadmap to an improved future state. Focus areas include ISO, Malcolm Baldrige and State Quality Awards, Quality Management Systems, Process Maturity, and Enterprise Change Readiness.

Training & Certification

Yes – training can be fun, effective, and deliver returns. We apply an augmented deployment model combining Bloom’s Taxonomy with the project-centered Scientific Method to provide a training and certification experience that benefits both the individuals trained and the organization with skill sets to fuel perpetual, self-sustaining financial and operational benefits. Our instructors are certified experts with advanced degrees who have taught in diverse environments including universities, corporate headquarters, Forward Operating Bases (military), and on the shop floor.
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