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It’s outstanding blocking and tackling that makes champions – not Hail Mary passes. We have the experience and expertise to strengthen the foundation of your organization by focusing on Business Essentials, those core requirements that define your direction, function, and the value you provide to your customers. We help our clients by providing:​​

Supply Chain Management

Your supply chain is your lifeline, it flows throughout your entire organization, and it deserves special attention. It connects your suppliers with your customers, and influences every aspect of your business. The experts at Roxtar Consulting possess decades of experience optimizing supply chain performance for commercial and government organizations. We will integrate and synchronize your physical and administrative operations with your customers and suppliers to create a seamless, united system that delivers maximum value at the minimum cost.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a journey – there is no finish line. We provide Leadership Development Coaching programs that emphasize performance, not compliance. Whereas Leadership Training programs focus on the present and are transactional, Roxtar Leadership Coaching focuses on the future and is transformational. Our experts have decades of C-level and senior leadership experience combined with unmatched technical expertise, and will catalyze innovation through tailored Leadership Development Coaching that centers on the individual, not the role.

Program & Project Management

If everything is number one, then nothing is. Program and Project Management are critical skill-sets that require prioritization and balance across quality, cost, schedule, scope, risk, and other key areas. Many organizations struggle with these disciplines, becoming adept at fighting fires rather than building fireproof homes. Roxtar can help. Our experts will stabilize your current portfolios and work with you to designate systems and teams that consistently satisfy the key criteria. We combine traditional and innovative methods (waterfall, agile/scrum, etc.), analytics, planning, communications, and reporting to enable organizations to control their operations and shape their destinies.

Enterprise Metrics Planning & Reporting

Roxtar provides extensive and diverse experience and expertise to help you identify performance targets and align resources, systems, and your team members to ensure that organizational goals are consistently being met. Our integrated approach has been successfully applied at the corporate-, department-, function-, individual-, system-, and process-level in service, transactional, and manufacturing environments. We combine analytics, planning, and reporting to enable organizations to control and direct their operations and their destinies.

Meeting Facilitation

The position that Roxtar takes on facilitation support is that it must be more than a meeting experience. We know that effective facilitation is a science incorporating structure and operating guidelines with coaching and mentoring, and that presentation and execution must engage the team members in critical and creative thinking processes. We also understand the critical factors defining and affecting team performance, including relationship factors, process factors, goal factors, environmental factors, and role factors. Roxtar facilitation: Works synergistically with your policies, standards, and culture; Builds effective and efficient teams while empowering individuals; Fosters clear and effective group communication, and; Employs flexible, integrated strategies that accommodate diverse roles, requirements, personalities, backgrounds, and styles. We help meetings result in motivation and direction.

Administrative & Technical Support

When you need experts and administrative support, we can help. Roxtar maintains a diverse range of professionals to augment your organization when and where you need it. From administrative assistants and technical writers to Senior Engineers and Data Scientists, our bench is ready.

Safety & Maintenance Programs

Safety first, safety last, safety always. A US Army credo that works for everyone. People are our greatest resources and must be protected.  Injuries damage cause much more than physical damage, they destroy trust. Our safety programs focus on eliminating injuries and near misses while fostering effective and efficient operations, space utilization, visual management systems, and supply chain flow. Roxtar maintenance improvement programs apply Maintenance Optimization Strategy and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), methods which improve machine availability, efficiency, and quality, dramatically affecting your bottom line.
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