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Are you thinking about relocating your operations or staying put and doing more within the space you have? We can help. Your supply chain and internal value streams flow across multiple physical, administrative, and technical elements, and the organization of your systems and space must support this essential delivery network. This applies to distribution centers, warehouses, hospitals, call centers, manufacturing plants, administrative offices, retail space, and more. We specialize in expedient and effective facility optimization, consolidation, and relocation. This includes but is not limited to location selection, structure component layout design, interior and exterior property application optimization, and flow acceleration. Our approach leverages multiple best-practice disciplines and focuses on achieving results with little-to-no downtime, driving continuous operations while executing the change you need.​

Facility Flow Optimization

Flow refers to the movement of products, services, and/or information through a system. This is a defining characteristic for every organization. Consider a river and the water flowing through it. If anything inhibits, ceases, or reverses that flow, flooding ensues. Roxtar consultants apply advanced analytics, optimization models, and Lean solutions to accelerate flow within our customers' core physical, administrative, and digital streams. Our facility equipment, inventory, process, and personnel configuration design and implementation services increase the speed, efficiency, and quality of the value you deliver while improving safety and manageability. These benefits culminate in the expansion of our customers' capabilities and capacities.

Operations & Equipment Relocation

Physical transitions are complex whether they occur within an existing facility or to a new property. Every move must consider and incorporate operations, sales, inventory, vehicles, equipment, logistics, planning, procurement, safety, environmental, maintenance, quality, technology, and more. We understand that very few businesses have the luxury of placing operations on-hold while required internal or external moves take place. Roxtar experts design and manage tactical, staged strategies to minimize the costs and downtime associated with traditional relocations. Our streamlined, simplified, controlled, and coordinated approach enables continuous product and service delivery to your customers.

Facility Compression & Consolidation

Whether your facilities are owned or leased, you are paying for every cubic foot in several ways (insurance, utilities, lease/mortgage, etc.). Optimizing the utilization of every cubic foot presents a significant challenge, but its typically more than that. Capacity must be optimized as well. We understand these goals, and Roxtar Consulting can help you achieve both. Our experts apply innovative, cutting-edge process, storage, and flow design methodologies to help you capitalize in this scenario. We help our customers do more with less.

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