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Regarding the Christian Strategic Advantage


This research finds that Christian leaders have an advantage when developing a competitive advantage strategy, especially a strategy that focuses on the incorporation of business analytics throughout an organization. This research offers several arguments to support this claim, each corresponding to an interrelated set of three select but core components of developing, deploying, and sustaining a successful competitive advantage strategy and the associated improved culture. The three components include strategic planning, the decision-making processes it is intended to support, and designation and execution of projects or initiatives (including the utilization of resources). The first argument presented explores the impacts of the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and the requirements these impacts impose upon organizations, namely in the process of strategic planning. The second argument provided states that strategic planning supports improved decision making, and that improved decision making is a strategic advantage for any organization. The third and final argument in this research focuses on the improvement of a nested critical decision that occurs in many if not all organizations – the selection of projects coupled with resource utilization. Resources in this case refe