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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"We are a frozen fish manufacturing company here in Alaska, we produce a variety of products, from Whole Frozen to high end ready to eat sashimi products. With the incoming increase of minimum pay rate per hour, it is a challenge how to cope up with a roughly additional $120,000 additional cost of the product when the new pay raise take effect, many thanks for the consultancy effort of Roxtar, Inc. for helping the company to eliminate waste within the production steps, now we can be rest assured the company will be more successful. Thank you Jim Bowie, you are really an expert."

—  Gody Rabang, ISA

Yesterday was awesome! I walked away with a different mindset on how we can and should be constantly improving processes to become more efficient in every area of my work and personal life for that matter when it comes to juggling tasks of completing my MBA and community involvement at the local homeless shelter! I even found myself looking at the process of the installation of our new HVAC system today and how an employee had to go back to the shop to make a part which took over an hour when he may have been able to have the equipment on the truck to make the part. It has opened my eyes to be constantly looking to improve!


I enjoyed your teaching as well, you are a natural and made it fun and exciting by adding in your personality and past experiences! I look forward to working with you in the future and may be interested in working on my Green Belt!

—  Sarah Flanagan, Darkblade Systems

"Comments from the team were, 'who thought of this - it is excellent', 'how were you introduced to Jim (Roxtar) - he is excellent, just what we needed', 'we need this type of facilitation with other projects'...we finished two days work in one."

— Sherrill Rhodes, RN, MSN, HCAP, Medical Center Hospital

"In two days, the working group completely redefined the way the Headquarters and Component Commands implement the TSC element of the Theater Campaign Plan. Great job!"
—  Dave Gaddis, Staff Officer, US AFRICOM
"Roxtar provided guidance on my projects, openly shared their wealth of knowledge and experience with me, and has challenged me by raising the bar of expectations on what it takes to deliver a project."
—  Terry Summerton, Vodafone
"The results were beyond what I thought possible…a coaching style that keeps you striving for more - to never settle. Even when you think you have achieved perfection, Roxtar will keep you looking for more and you will find it."
—  Brian Jones, United Rentals
Working with Roxtar on my Green Belt was an amazing experience. They are great at understanding where I was with the materials and giving me more insight to help me understand any concept that was difficult. The scenarios we talked through helped me get an even better understanding of the materials and I'm very excited to take it and run!
—  Shane McChesney, Space Coast Credit Union